• Business Level Design of Information systems

    Whether the need is for the redesign or the enhancement of the IT infrastructure, we offer our expertise on business level system design. Challenging the traditional practices, we aim at mobilizing technology in a way that reflects the dynamism of the marketplace. The business level design of a system extends over to the creation of data and process models based on the system objectives, needs, constraints and requirements that have been specified and documented. Functional specifications are also prepared for the components of an information system aiming for a high level of fit with the organizations’ business needs, fulfilling the design requirements.

  • Information Systems Requirement Analysis

    Information system requirement analysis encompasses the collection and documentation of business requirements, covering areas such as customers, deposits, loans, trade finance, treasury, fund management, funds transfers. The current business functions and processes, and the current information technology are also documented. An evaluation of the current environment is conducted to identify the applicable constraints, and to ensure the effective integration of a new system into the customers’ business environment.

  • Implementation and Support

    We help our customers build the bridge between their business needs and a sound, practical information system solution. Using the customers’ critical business requirements as a base, we provide consulting on the optimal customization and set-up of off-the-shelf solutions. Committed to providing solutions as complete as possible, we provide help-desk and on-site support as well.

  • Evaluation of Information System Solutions

    The product proliferation encountered in the market of financial services software, along with the business and technological complexity and challenges encountered in the real world, make the need for selecting the ‘right’ product urgent. We guide our customers through the complex world of evaluating the suitable information solutions, work close to understand their distinct needs and business practices, and integrate them with the requirements of the regulatory environment.

  • Project Management

    We monitor projects relating to information system evaluation, implementation, conversion and deployment providing management and control for the various components of each project. We strive for a smooth flow and completion of tasks, and for the right use and allocation of resources, aiming at preventing problems rather than dealing with them when they occur.

  • Delivery of Training Programs

    We design, prepare and deliver training programs focusing on the effective and efficient use of software systems, integrating the particular business requirements and practices followed by each financial institution. We also provide consulting on the use of appropriate training methods and material, assisting our customers in the development of tailored-made training programs.

  • Software evaluation & tests

    Software testing covers the design, planning and execution of software tests. It involves the creation of test plans, test cases, test scripts and procedures to be used for end-user acceptance tests. Tests can also be executed according to the plans and specifications developed.